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Event Calendar


5th - Halfmann-Beckton Red Angus Sale
       Miles, TX
13th - Wilks Ranchs Bull & Female Sale
       Eastland, TX
22nd - 44 Farms Fall Sale
       Cameron, TX


18th - Double Creek Farms Sale
       Meridian, TX


1st - The FDA's new Veterinary Feed Directive program goes into effect and will require a veterinarian's prescription for many medications used in feeds. For more information, please call our office, consult with your veterinarian, or click here to see information provided by Zoetis about the VFD regulations.

Important reminder –

the FDA's veterinary feed directive program goes into effect January 1, 2017

This program will require a veterinarian to prescribe a VFD for many antibiotics used in livestock feeds. The FDA's goal with this program is to reduce the potential for antibiotic resistance for "medically important" antibiotics that are useful in humans as well as livestock by regulating the use of these drugs in livestock feeds. This program will also end the practice of using antibiotics as a growth promotant (more common in feedlots) as well as all off-label uses. To receive a VFD from your veterinarian you must have a veterinarian-client-patient-relationship (VCPR). Our understanding is that this will require some history of the veterinarian physically visiting your animal's location and examining them. A VFD can only be valid for up to 6 months, and must contain the veterinarians contact info, livestock info (location, number of head, species), and medication info (indication for use, duration and expiration, withdrawal time). A copy of the VFD must also be kept for 2 years. For more information, please call our office or consult with your veterinarian.