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About Gorman Milling
Gorman Milling was started in 1969 and is proud to still be a local family-run business. We owe our success and growth to the farmers, ranchers, dairies and our growing dealer network across the state.  No matter what your need is we are committed to that need, and we work hard to get you the best price.  We buy our ingredients in train car loads to help keep our cost and your price down.

We specialize in custom formula products and feeds.  These custom formulas are formulated around your particular needs, feed habits, animals, management, and goals.  You first meet with our nutritionist and develop a custom formula that is right for your individual needs.  After the formula is developed it is available in bag or bulk purchase. 


Since we purchase by the train car load and keep a large inventory of ingredients your custom formula can be tweaked at anytime. (2 ton minimum, textured feeds only)

Video About Gorman Milling — Watch our short video about Gorman Milling and Red Chain Feeds.

News and Events

  The Herd at Fort Worth Stockyards
Gorman Milling Company proudly supports “The Herd” at the Fort Worth Stockyards and recently began supplying the longhorns and horses in the program with Red Chain branded feed. Started in June of 1999, the Fort Worth Herd was created as part of the city's sesquicentennial celebration. The drovers drive the longhorns along East Exchange Avenue twice a day and teach the public and students about the historical importance of the cattle industry and the Chisholm
Trail Cattle Drive to the area. The drovers are dressed in authentic nineteenth century clothing and ride horses with period correct saddles. Today the Herd has become an iconic symbol for Fort Worth, its remarkable agricultural heritage as well as an excellent educational tool for countless visitors, tourist and thousands of school children each year. For more information about the Fort Worth Herd, visit the Fort Worth Herd Website. If you’d like to join us in supporting The Herd in educating new generations of Texans and visitors about the history of the Texas cattle industry please go to the Friends of the Herd webpage and become a member of the Friends of the Fort Worth Herd 501c3 organization nonprofit today. The Cattle Drives are held at 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily in the Stockyards.
Ask the Nutritionist
Our nutritionist, Cary Zipp, is committed to formulating the best possible ration for your operation with over 30 major feed ingredients and 50+ supplemental additives we have the products and expertise to optimize your feed program. To ask Cary a question please email him at
  If you are already one of our valued customers, we appreciate your business and trust that our products and services are making your business more profitable. If you are not yet familiar with Gorman Milling Company's family-style way of doing business we invite you to give us a try. We know you will be pleased.  
  Print out our application for a 30 day line of credit at our mill. After you’ve filled it out please mail it back to us at Gorman Milling Co., Inc. – P.O. Box 276 - Gorman, Texas 76454 or fax it to 254-734-2375.  
Red Chain Show Awards Program
  Gorman Milling has a great awards program for those involved in showing animals. This program allows exhibitors to receive awards in respect to the feeding of Red Chain Feeds to their project for the duration of the show season. View the awards and fill out an entry form.  
Contact Us
  Staff Contacts:
Traffic Desk: Josh Kunselman
Nutrition and Formulation: Cary Zipp
Accounts Receivable: Shelby Hagood

Address and Location:

502 East Lubbock
Gorman, Texas 76454

Phone Contacts:
Phone: 254-734-2252
Texas Watts Line: 1-800-588-2252
Fax: 254-734-2375
Sack Warehouse: 254-734-4375
  Sales Contacts:
J.T. Fritts: Dealer Accounts
(254) 485-6928
Laquin Hartsfield:
Dairy Accounts
(254) 485-2988
Misty Wallace: Bulk Accounts
South Central Texas
(254) 485-1120
Glenn Copeland: Bulk Accounts
North Central Texas
(254) 485-1454
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502 East Lubbock Gorman, Texas 76454 Phone: 254-734-2252 Texas Watts Line: 1-800-588-2252
Sack Feed Warehouse: 254-734-4375
Hours: M-F: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat: 8 a.m. to noon
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