Feeding Commodities

We have been supplying commodities and commodity blends to feedlots and dairy operations across Texas for decades. If we are not currently your commodity supplier, we would appreciate the opportunity to quote your current blend or any commodities that you may require for your feed formulation. We also would like to offer our free in-house nutrition services from our nutritionist, Cary Zipp. Cary is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in formulating TMRs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call. Thank you for your business and for the trust you have put in us to be your livestock feed supplier.


  Alfalfa Pellets Dried Distillers Grain (DDGs)
  Bakery Meal Fiber Pellets
  Barley (Steam Flaked) Milo (Whole)
  Canola Pellets Milo (Ground)
  Canola Meal High Fat Milo (Stem Flaked)
  Corn Gluten Feed Pellets Oats (Whole)
  Corn Gluten Feed Loose Peanut Meal 45%
  Corn Germ Meal Peanut Hull Pellets
  Corn (Whole) Rice Bran
  Corn (Ground) Rice Meal Feed
  Corn (Steam Flaked) Soy Hull Pellets
  Cottonseed (Whole) Soy Bean Meal 47%
  Cottonseed Hulls Soy Expeller Meal
  Cottonseed Meal 41% Wheat Midds Pellets
  Cotton Burrs