Ask a Nutritionist:

Our nutritionist, Cary Zipp, is committed to formulating the best possible ration for your operation with over 30 major feed ingredients and 50+ supplemental additives we have the products and expertise to optimize your feed program. To ask Cary a question please email him at

Credit Application:

  Print out our application for a 30 day line of credit at our mill. After you’ve filled it out please mail it back to us at Gorman Milling Co., Inc. – P.O. Box 276 - Gorman, Texas 76454 or fax it to 254-734-2375.  

Red Chain Show Awards Program:

  Gorman Milling has a great awards program for those involved in showing animals. This program allows exhibitors to receive awards in respect to the feeding of Red Chain Feeds to their project for the duration of the show season. View the awards and fill out an entry form.  




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