Fly Control Supplements
Hudson Livestock 12% Fly-Buster Pro Tub
A 12% protein tub for cattle that prevents development of horn flies in the manure of treated cattlethrough Altosid® IGR. Thisstops the fly life cycle in the larval stage but does not kill living flies. After feeding this supplement for a week or more you should see a large drop in the number of flies on the cattle. Due to high copper levels do not feed to sheep.

Ragland Mills IGR Fly-Curb Mineral
A bagged mineral for cattle, this product also contains Altosid® IGR and provides effective control of Horn Flies in an 8% Phosphorus formulation fortified with Copper, trace minerals and vitamins. Do not feed to sheep.

Ragland Mills Rabon Fly Block
A protein block with Rabon (a fly control supplement that is approved for cattle as well as horses.) Begin feeding in the early spring and continue into fall when cold weather restricts fly activity.

We stock a full line of minerals, blocks, salt and molasses tubs for all species.


  • Sheep & Goat Mineral — 50# bagged mineral from Ragland Mills designed to be fed to both sheep and goats.
  • Growth Booster with Bovatec Mineral — 50# bag, free choice mineral for increased weight gain in pasture cattle.
  • Red Chain Breeder Max Mineral - A loose form mineral with higher levels of traces (some organic) as well as high vitamin levels and essential oils for increasing health and breeding efficiency in cattle
  • IGR Fly Curb Mineral — 50# bag, provides fly control and is a well fortified mineral with a 2:1 Ca/P ratio.
  • Salt — We carry 4 types of salt blocks: white, sulfur, iodized and trace. We also keep 50# bags of loose mixing salt.
  • All stock 4% Phosphorus Mineral — 50# bagged mineral. An economical base mineral that can be fed to all species including sheep (has no copper).
  • 8% Deer Mineral –— 25# bag, apple flavored mineral supplement with an 8% phosphorus level.
  • 12/12 Mineral Block — A 1 TO 1 ratio of calcium and phosphorus with supplemental vitamins and trace minerals.
  • 1 TO 1 RC Mineral — A loose form of 12/12 mineral with a 1 to 1 calcium to phosphorus ratio, including supplemental vitamins and trace minerals.
  • 2 TO 1 RC Mineral — A loose form 12/6 mineral with a 2 to 1 calcium to phosphorus ratio, including supplemental vitamins and trace minerals.
  • High Magnesium Block — For supplementing cattle in need of extra magnesium, such as cattle being prepared to graze wheat pasture.
  • Sweet MAG — High magnesium mineral in the form of loose mineral.
  • High Performance Horse Mineral — A high quality source of supplemental vitamins and minerals from Ragland Mills. To be provided free choice to all classes of horses.
  • Goat Builder Mineral — A loose form of mineral balanced for goats.
  • Fertilizer — A 13-13-13 NPK fertilizer from Sunbelt Custom Mineral

Protein Blocks:

  • High Performance Horse Block — An extruded block from Ragland Mills designed to supplement protein and energy for all classes of horses. Contains 16% protein and 2% fat levels as well as vitamins and minerals.
  • 37% Protein Block — A compressed 33.3 lb block with NPN for supplementing cattle on pasture.
  • Rabon Block — A compressed block for aiding in fly control - for supplementing cattle.
  • Goat Builder Block — A compressed 33.3 lb protein block for supplementing goats on pasture.
  • Sheep & Goat Block — A compressed 33.3 lb protein block for supplementing sheep and goats on pasture.
Molasses Tubs:

Using tubs is an easy way to supplement protein, energy and other nutrients to livestock on forage.  These are great for livestock owners who don’t see their cattle each day. You simply drop the tub off and check it every few days.
  • The 16% Forage tub (red) from Hudson Livestock can be used for cattle, sheep, goats, horses and other species. This is a cooked tub, meaning that it has had most of the water evaporated out of it, leaving it with less than 4% moisture. This tub is fortified with vitamins & minerals and also contains enzymes & probiotics that increase the digestibility of forages (15-20%) making your hay last longer.  Cattle should consume it at a rate of ½ - ¾ pound per day. Available in 125 and 225 pound tubs. 
  • Fly Buster Pro, this medicated molasses tub is 12% protein, 6% fat and contains Altosid insect growth regulator. Altosid controls flies by preventing the eggs from hatching from the manure, breaking the life cycle. For best results, keep tubs out 30 days before emergence till 30 days after the first frost.
  • 20% Natural forage extender, another cooked tub from Hudson Livestock. 20% protein, 6% fat, and safe for horses.
  • 20% CASH COW MOLASSES Tub (green) from Ragland mills is similar to the 16% tub above.  An all natural protein tubs designed for cattle. These are safe to use in pastures with a mix of cattle and horses. Do not feed to sheep as it has added copper. Available only in 200 pound tubs.
  • The 24% Molasses tub (yellow) from Ragland is usually our most economical tub. This higher protein level is achieved from the use of urea (urea is a nitrogenous compound that is created by the body whenever protein is metabolized. When urea is fed to ruminants, the rumen microbes strip the nitrogen off the urea and form protein). The consumption rate will be higher (½ to 2 pounds per head per day) for these tubs because they are not “cooked”. This tub is only suitable for cattle and is available in 200 pound tubs.

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